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Another winner - enchanting, rich and beautiful

The Adorned - John Tristan

This fantasy novel has a well thought-out plot, a cast of individual, interesting characters and wonderful, wonderful world-building (showing, not telling).


It was told in first person POV through the eyes of young Etan, innocent and alone in the world, he falls upon hard times as his father dies and leaves him with nothing. No education, no means, no home.


Etan moves into the city and because of his beauty he becomes an "Adorned". Etan doesn't know his beauty and he is a very careful young man. His inexperience is not absence of intelligence or understanding, he watches and learns, but still keeps a core of integrity and believe that I find utterly charming.


As a backdrop to Etan's story there is turmoil and war in the realm - Etan is not more than a pet, a plaything to the mighty, but he sees and understands a lot. And when the dissatisfaction of the masses lead to revolution, he and his master are amidst it.


I loved the fantastic, original world the author created and I loved what he did with his characters. It had a love story that was so subtly done, that it was nearly off the screen, but with some high and sharp feelings.


A recommended read.