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I made it!

A Perfect Blood - Kim Harrison

20% Status update was "Oh no". 


This reminded me of all the reasons why I was thinking about abandoning this series.


Rachel is her usual unhelpful self. And still hung up on Kisten.

Can someone please bury that undead dead guy? For good. Pretty please. He is mentioned in this book 17 times. Yes, that's right, I searched it. 17 times. 


That whole "I might feel a lesbian attraction to my attractive undead friend and roomie" also got old a few books ago. Get over it. Fast.


The "I am a demon, oh my" was also ready to be buried and mourned some books ago. So please, get over it - you are supposed to be a kick-ass heroine.


It is full of deja vues - Rachel has not grown as a character and her constant whining is not entertaining in the least.


The "crime/mystery" part is meh. And the culprit and the traitor very, very obvious.


It got better after two thirds, it will never become a favourite, but the slooooow chemistry with Trent (whom I very much liked from the beginning...) is keeping me on board.


So I will give book nr 11 a chance. But be aware of the ire if I don't get some hot loving between Rachel and Trent in the next one...