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MFM PWP turned into Cinderfella-Insta-Love-Fest

Owning Corey - Maris Black

This was blessedly a free read.


Because it was bad, so bad.


It started with a strictly straight sexy and rich Doctor who has self-esteem issues (suspend disbelieve) who dates the hottest b!tch in town. This sexy female wants a threesome with the sexy new guy in town. And then the three get sexy together.


Maybe you can smell a theme here...right, everybody is sexy.


So after dumping the b!tch, because, really, she wanted a threesome, she is a bad person, oh, and a gold digger, the sexy new guy can move into the pool house of the sexy Doctor, because when you are shy and don't have friends, but self-esteem issues, what better to do than to invite someone you don't know at all to move in.

Clever move by the totally smart Doctor. Who is very sexy. And incredibly rich. Which is why he is afraid of gold diggers. Which makes the moving in of and buying expensive stuff for sexy new guy a really wonderful idea...


Insert another boring threesome.


The writing didn't help and don't let me start about the dialogues...


'nough said.



PS: Just saw that it says in the title "From M/M Gay Romance Author" - just a small thing, but really? M/M Gay Romance?