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DNF at 26% - Where is a "cheesiest line" contest when you need one...

Wild Onions - Sarah Black

"(...) You hungry? The chili's done."

Cody reached for him, tugged him close. "I'm hungry for you."


I really don't like this book.


The story feels unfinished even at the beginning. The interaction and dynamics between the two main character don't make sense to me.

It is worse than insta-love, because there is insta-trust as well.


Robert opens up to the handsome Blackfoot anthropologist right after their first meeting, talks about his inner feeligs after the death of his long-term partner. They discuss the starting of a relationship at their second meeting.


There is literally no warm-up, no getting-to-know-each-other before jumping right into it.


Also, what's all this with the wild onions? They are all over this book. I get it, the title and all, but do they really need to be constantly present.


It really is a pity, because I normally dig Native American characters.


I didn't pay for it, because it was lendable and so I will count me lucky and move on to - hopefully - better things.