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I'd do nothing but reading if I could (ok, maybe eat some great food, buy some fancy shoes between two books...oh, and spend some quality time with the gorgeous guy I married while I am on reading-break anyway...)


A series with three installments so far - first a nice read, but didn't blow my mind...downhill from there...

Blood Howl  - Robin Saxon, Alex Kidwell Blood in the Sand  - Robin Saxon, Alex Kidwell Bloodlines  - Robin Saxon, Alex Kidwell

2,5 stars for the first one.

I liked the first installment. Jed was a good main character, snarky and strong, but with some flaws and quirks.

Red is too good to be true, sweet boyfriend, a little chick-with-dick-ish, but overall ok.

There was no real plot, but the budding LUUUUUUVE kept you on board.


1,5 stars for the second one. 

In the second installment Jed got annoying. His constant bickering really didn't help the story. And his stupidity led to some WTF moments - like the big bad warrior doesn't think it necessary to gather some intel before storming the big bad enemies fortress. Like for example how to kill his species. Really. 


The story line in the second book was simply odd  - it didn't make much sense to me. David, a long time contact of Jed's, turns out to be a Vampire, his boyfriend a half-blood Medusa (Victor), and they need to go to Cairo on a merry chase - to do what exactly? It never really made sense - the big bad evil guy turned out to be a normal Vampire and David's Ex.

Jed and Red were just sweet with each other which got boring soon. 


The third insalltment was a DNF for me. At 25%. So BORING.

Jed and Ted with their usual sweet love (no development whatsoever). Victor from the last book getting a side-story with a guy, who is basically Red. Victor is a boring, boring, boring character. And by the way: If someone is supposed to be British, he should speak the language. If authors are too lazy to pick up some Brit speak, they should just let their characters be American. It is annoying.


In the second and third installment: What I really really don't get is, why anybody here hired Jed or Red. There is no need whatsoever. Jed can't help with Vampires or anything supernatural (too stupid and weak) and Red couldn't help much with the wolves as the Lewises could have gotten the info and the meet and greet easily on their own. So why pay through their noses?


And even the cat got annoying...