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Nice try...Or not...DNF at 42%

Material Girl (The Fancy Lives of the Lear Sisters) - Julia London

It was well written, had some humor and could have been great.


It had a great male main character in Jake Manning, the handyman/architect. He had some family problems, not the easiest life so far, but he is adult, sane and an all around nice guy with a hunky body. A hit in the romance genre.


But the female main was a miss for me. She was too selfcentered, too material, too unorganized and her whole personality didn't make any sense. She is supposed to be 34, but has only 4 years of professional experience in her Daddy's company (whose most important client she doesn't know - after 4 years...sorry, but that's just TSTL).


She is only concerned with brand names and fluffy plans (I want a pool! Let's buy a dozend pink flamingo statues for the garden!). And she drinks too much.


I didn't like her at all. She is one of those girly girls - not much brains, but sooo charming...


She is the total opposite of tough. Or capable. Or smart. Or rational.

And that gets old very fast.


Just not my kind of woman.


"In the first book of The Fancy Lives of the Lear Sisters trilogy, a spoiled socialite discovers the best things in life are worth working for." - Wow, I should have read the blurb more closely - this would have sealed it for me...