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I'd do nothing but reading if I could (ok, maybe eat some great food, buy some fancy shoes between two books...oh, and spend some quality time with the gorgeous guy I married while I am on reading-break anyway...)


Sappy, unsexy, over-dramatic with unlikable MCs

Cast Off - K.C. Burn

The MCs were probably my biggest problem with this novel:


Rick: still playing the party boy on the "wrong side of 35" - really? This is just pathetic. Not colourful or enchanting. Just annoying and a little embarrassing. Like his no kissing rule and all his commitment issues.

His backstory is probably supposed to give it drama and him depth (and an explanation to make his lifestyle acceptable - just for clarification: I don't judge anybody in real life for his choices. Whatever rocks your boat, be it being a virgin on your wedding night or one-nighters every other night - it just didn't work for me in this story for this character. Especially mixed with the whole family drama/tragedy in his past - I guess it was suppsed to "explain" his relationship angst. It doesn't. Not in the least. I would have liked him more for being a real slut for the joy of it - not someone who is repressed). The drama itself - NO!

The murder of his father and his mother's mental illness were thrown into the story very carelessly

(show spoiler)

. I wish authors would stay away from such traumatic things if they didn't plan to make them vital to the story. This is not an appropriate plot tool!


Ian: The former closeted player who after a two-minute-number with Rick thinks that this was the best sex he ever had. He has a two-minute-one-night stand with a total stranger and this is so electric that he can't forget and let go. Well. 

He is hot and that's the most impressive thing about him. He remained pale and uninteresting through this whole book.


And with a unbelievably unoriginal drama in the last quarter which brings a crazy stalker

(wow, the culprit is not the suspicious Ex of Rick, but the only other possible one, the harmless looking kid who has a crush on Ian...)

(show spoiler)


Also, just for the record: If you just started a relationship, say some weeks before, you are in your thirties - why the hell is it a MUST that your partner/boyfriend/date meets your whole family? The split up over this is so ridiculous - and totally out of the blue. Ian pretended to be so understanding of Rick's hard life and family history. And then he breaks up with him, because he doesn't want to come to Ian's sister's wedding??? WTF?


The plot was not really convincing, the MCs a pair of totally uninteresting pale stereotypes, the drama OTT and unbelievable - so the whole left me detached and bored.