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DNF at 25%: Confusing and boring - not a good combination

Spectrum - Jason K. Melby

This had way too many WTF moments on too few pages.


It had no real world-building in the first quarter of the book, so I was not sure where this whole story takes place - in an alternative universe? In the far future? Now, but in a different country (as Americans tend to "invent" countries, preferably in Europe, that don't exist and are totally unrealistic in novels)?

This was simply annoying, as there was no framework to explain anything. There are coffeehouses, but people act totally strange. There is gay-bashing but no explanation what kind of society it is. There are cars, but they also seem to work different than ours.


The story didn't even really start until this point.



And since WTFs + scant world-building + boring = DNF, it ends here.


See my status updates for the WTF moments.