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The pornesque start created wrong expectations...

Stealing the Wind (Mermen of Ea #1) - Shira Anthony

Because it got boring very fast. 


There was a lot of explaining of the whole Mermen stuff. Which was not so very interesting.


I could see no reason whatsoever for the two guys to fall for each other. 

Then it all became clear: 

The were lovers in a past life. And now they are mated. And both are physically extremely pleasing.

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For me that means instalove. No getting to know each other, it was all told, not shown. The reader was just supposed to believe in the great, big love. It was just thrown in your face. 

And I wouldn't have accepted even without the next BIG NO NO:


Ian leaves Taren in prison to be tortured for TWO WEEKS. TWO WEEKS. And Taren totally understands, that Ian really couldn't do much. Really? He had to bring Taren to the council he doesn't trust, although he knew what they would do to Taren. Later he can free him. But for two weeks, he just couldn't??? WTF?

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At least the whole Merman-mythology was somewhat original. But that's all the positive I have to say about this book.