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DNF at 15% - not the smexy I expected...

Rees  - Allyson James

I was deliberately picking this novel up. 


I expected some silly smexy times - a little silly scifi with a lot of hot action. Not much for the brain, but that's fine in this case. And the hunk in question a blonde? Count me in!


But this just didin't cut it.


Rees was too perfect to be sexy and on top of all the beauty and sexy voice and humongous cock, he exuded some kind of odeur or pheromones that made the ladies wild. Felt like cheating to me. If someone is sexy, he doesn't need to discharge any kind of gas that affects the ladies on a subconscious level.


And please, please: No virgins in erotic novels! And especially not if someone like Rees who is sooo dangerous and plays such naughty, naughty games is the "love" interest.

I could have forgiven her alabaster skin and the sapphire eyes, but celibate on top?

Thanks, but no thanks.


I am not turned on, and so I will not waste time on top of the money spent on buying this.