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I don't feel the love...

A Hint of Frost - Hailey Edwards

It has a nice story flow, but I have some problems with it.


Some of the plot construction seems clumsy and predictable to me (e.g. the sister/treason stuff/Rhys' big secret/the relationship development between Rhys and her etc.). I didn't like the "virgin till real marriage" line - that is a very typical m/f romance thing - over-used and expandable. Also the groom not being allowed to see her wedding dress before the ceremony.


Of the characters I liked Rhys best, but he also stayed card-board heroic - alpha in the sense of dangerous fighter, but vulnerable and caring as a true modern guy.


I found the world building more than confusing - starting with the names in this strange world: male lead is called Rhys, which is basically a British name; his brother's name is Vaughn. And then the female lead's siblings are called Pasacale (a girl!), Armand and Henri - so we go French here. And then there are side characters like Wishövi (WTF?) and Masikookyang (double WTF??). The first one is a Hopi word for spider web according to google. And the best one: The female lead is called Lourdes (a "holy" place in France, Madonna's daughter is also named after it).


There is mentioning of Anis and Licorice. But there are also fantasy animals and the "Araneae" are some kind of spider-people. 


This kind of stuff really bugs me - it is the same when characters in historicals say "Okay" all the time. 


It was overall an ok read, but I won't continue with the series - there are better ones out there I am sure and so I'd rather search on.