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A little less fantastic than the first one, but still a great read

Dark Currents (The Emperor's Edge #2) - Lindsay Buroker

The motley crew Amaranthe formed into a more or less professional team grew on me.


They were funny and clumsy and arrogant and all-around very human.


Amaranthe grew into her role as leader a bit more - her fascination/infatuation with Sicrarius is growing in the curse of this story. But you can call this "slow burn" with every justification. There is not much of romance or sex in this series.


And though I normally don't venture into stories without that little piece of luuuuuv or at least smexy - this is good enough that it can entertain me based on good storytelling, interesting and endearing character and great dialogues.


The world-building is well done too.