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Conspiracy (The Emperor's Edge Book 4) - Lindsay Buroker

Scratching my head here.


I am not liking this so far very much. In the previous books, it was similar: the first half was slow and a bit of a tough read, but it picked up from there to a furious finale.


But I am kind of fed up with the same quirks all over. Amaranthe makes stupid and not comprehensible decisions all the time. She risks her men's life, her own and recklessly so.


She has been told over and over again not to jump into things. 


What irked me most:


How she tried to set up Sespian with Yara solely due to egoistic reason (so that she can have Sicarius without him having a bad conscience) and therefore risked Sespian's safety and their whole mission to save him.

And then omitting to Sicarius that Sespian is in dire danger from a magic device under his skins. Really? This is your grand plan to win Sicarius' heart?

And last but not least: When Akstyr's try to sell out Sicarius (which would get him KILLLED), her reaction is to save the little misguided larrikin. Are you kidding me? He wanted to sell you out! 

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I really wished I stopped with number 3...