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Reading progress update: I've read 53%. OH NO. DNF

Lick  - Kylie Scott

This started out strong. I liked the little Cinderella-trope in the first few chapters. The big girl, ordinary and boring who gets the beautiful rock star. And doesn't like rock music, so that she doesn't recognize him.


I liked Evelyn's voice, found her funny and ironic at times. He was just the card-board perfect, damaged, beautiful, not-really-bad bad boy rock star. 


But. First of all: A lot of typos and left out words. Annoying.

And worse: The insta-love didn't work here at all. There was no reason to fall for each other. Ev is just ordinary. And that's why David falls for her. She is described as plain and her body not slim.


Then (as nearly always in romance novels *sigh*) she is called pretty by a lot of people and Lauren, her supposedly best friend says she has a great butt, shapely and tight. Yeah, right. So we are in this place where - surprise, surprise - the ugly duckling is pretty all along.


So the insta-love takes every kind of tension out of the story at 45%.


And even worse: David's little aggression problem. She knows him for all of two days and he comitted vandalism and takes part in a brawl.

If I only know someone for a few days and they show this kind of behaviour? They can be as beautiful and as rich as they like - they are out. 


As I am unfortunately not enjoying it anymore, I will stop reading here.


Too many good books out there - not enough time, so no wasting with this.