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Problematic and inconsequent

My Heartache Cowboy: (Intermix) - Z.A. Maxfield

I didn't like the way this was handled. I knew that this would center on Jimmy, the drinker, but this was not a good read for me because of the way the alcoholism was woven into the love story:

The alcoholic closet-case who forcibly gets sobered up and thrown into a sex-marathon with two guys, one of whom is a stranger. Not much room for romance in my world. And in no way realistic.


And here some other things that more or less ruined it for me:


Jimmy's voice was not authentic. He spoke very differently in direct speech than in the rest (first person POV). This didn't work for me. 

The narrative and thoughts didn't ring true for a simply cowboy who isn't good with words.


Second the logic error/plot hole of Ed learning all about alcoholism on the internet and therefore having the grand idea of sobering an alcoholic up forcibly and doing it without medical supervision in a remote cabin.

This is not only a totally stupid course of action, it is dangerous and also not constructive.

As Jimmy explained to him later - that he needed to want it for himself and to accept he had a problem.

The logic error here becomes obvious with Ed's back-story which includes an addict, so he should have known all this - and not from reading on the internet. 


The third thing I really disliked was the epilogue. I would have felt betrayed for having some major thing like this forced on me and it felt sappy and unnecessary to the story.