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Do you know that?

When you are doing your job, doing exactly what is asked of you. Which is send out important documents via curier immediately.

Everything is good, so after some more hours of work you go home to start your weekend.


And then, late in the evening you see an e-mail on your work mobile, a bit like this:

"Dear Tami,

nice that you did send the documents. 

But didn't you advice the curier to bring a counter-signed version back?

Unless we have the signed version back in time, our efforts were useless and we have to pay a fine, because the month ends today.

Kind regards,



cc boss"




I HATE IT WITH A VENGEANCE WHEN PEOPLE ACCUSE YOU IN THIS PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE MANNER. WIth the underlying assumption that it should have been clear to me, that we need a counter-signed copy back. 

It wasn't. Because I wasn't involved in the whole negotiations. And I will never trust asshole-colleague again.