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The Edge of Courage - Elaine Levine

It was the dogs that finally killed this for me.


I was not happy at 40%:


This hero is too damaged. His problems too severe. I cannot enjoy a love story with someone who suffers so strongly from PTSD. 

I don't find it realistic or advisable that the person who is supposed to "heal" you, has sex with you.


Relationships (and especially romantic ones) are full of landmines. Not good for someone so deep under.


What I would like to say:

Please, dear authors, refrain from giving your heros all those awful mental problems, those debilitating sufferings. In real life this is not attractive and not wonderful. And this alone does not make an interesting person - just a sad one.



And then the heroine (who wasn't a favourite anyway) decided to adopt a cute pair of homeless dogs (insert "awwwww" moment) and was to be seen as a sexy Mother Theresa type.

Not for me. She had sex with the guy she was supposed to help in a therapeutic ways and then after the deed distanced herself from him.


I don't like this trope. I really really don't.