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Insta-love and a lame ghost story

Fish and Ghosts - Rhys Ford

I very much wanted to like this.


But it was pretty much a miss the moment the two MCs met...aaaaand the "magic" happened. This kind of instant attraction with ensuing feelings right away just doesn't feel realistic - and is simply not interesting. I feel cheated because the most interesting part in a love story is missing. Also major flowery language in delicate situations - major eyerolls on my part.


I also disliked the way Tristan was always called "the blond", "the long-legged blond", "the slim blond" etc. I didn't like that he was a virgin and the dynamic between them felt off for me. He was basically a damsel in distress.


The whole ghost storyline was very illogical and just not very interesting. There was no mystery to it, the resolution came before the problems really started, so a lot of tension and suspense was given away.


I guess the whole crazy family theme was supposed to be funny, but it really wasn't. And sorry, but no matter how open minded you are, you don't ask your mother to bring you condoms and lube. Really not.