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It was good, but still a disappointment.

City Wolf: Werewolf Romance Goes to Town (Axton and Leander) - S.P. Wayne

If that makes sense.


Axton seemed to be changed a bit and the story wasn't as intense as Winter Wolf.

So I was disappointed, because I just loved the Axton I met in the first book.


What I liked was, that Leander became less bland and more interesting in the second book.

I loved the women in his life, the banter, the sense of humor.


So I deducted one star because Axton was a bit different and actually got on my nerves in the end with his undecisiveness while being in a major crisis and his stupidity and naivety. 


And I didn't like very much where the story is going. Because it made this series less unique.

The first book was basically devoid of all tropes and usual werewolf themes. And that made it a brilliant read for me (this and the emotional impact).


Here, the story line after the fateful meeting with Axton's ex runs into known tracks. So another star has to go.


But I will still pick up the next one and hope for more original plot turns and more tension and emotion that is shown, not told.