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DNF at 25%

Song for Sophia  - Moriah Densley


I couldn't get into it.


I didn't sympathize with Sophia or Wilhelm.

They were both too much.


Too beautiful. Too talented. Too sophisticated. Too tortured.

Her father and husband so bad - putting all Disney-villains to shame.


I felt that the plot was more or less all over the place.

For him it was more or less love/attraction at first sight. So no big suspense there.


Also it felt off as a historical. I never felt a certain "this place, this time".

For example: no gentleman would have a housemaid who is supposedly his mistress teach his sisters as a governess. Just not done.

And there is no understandable reason why she has to pretend to be his mistress for protection.

It would have been much smarter to stay hidden as a housemaid than draw so much attention to her person. Especially since she is more beautiful than the moon and the stars combined...


So I felt detached all the time reading.