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I am a little happy and a little sad.

Honor's Knight - Rachel Bach

I was so hot to read this that I pre-ordered it and did not wait for the price drop that usually comes after a few weeks.


I loved the first installment. I thought it was original, very well written, had suspense and great and fascinating characters as well as a well thought out story line.


And now I am a bit sad. Because the second part gave me some deja vues:



1. The phantoms: Final fantasy much?

2. The bugs and lizards: Sirantha Janx series

3. The daughters: Firefly the movie

4. The threat to the whole universe, while the heroine is the only remedy: Sirantha Janx series

(show spoiler)



Also I liked Devi much less in this installment. Her decision-making was strange, to say the least. 


And it didn't fit her character well - she came across as a very patriotic and ambitious character. And also very pragmatic as she is career military/mercenary. But suddenly she doesn't care that there is a threat that could annihilate her whole home world???


Suddenly she decides to safe some young girls and a crazy woman instead of trying to find out first what's going on?


And is surprised that the guy who wasn't trustworthy in book 1 is not trustworthy in book 2, because he plans to safe the girls through killing. Wow. What a surprise, that the mad man was mad.


There was not much of a love story in the first two thirds of this installment.


It focussed wholely on the universe in danger - not a benefit as I didn't think that this was so very well done.


I didn't buy into Devi's reasoning that the people in the universe would really rage about the daughters' fate - if you have a very small group of ca. 70 girls suffering and dying, but preventing billions of beings saved, the odds are, that there would be no outcry. Looking at how much civilian lives are lost in ANY war, this is just ridiculous.


The last third had a little more love story and some action.

But the action was a bit convoluted. And Devi came across as confused and not really bright. Her plan to avoide the "Eyes", an organization which has the support of all major governments, is to involve her government. Duh.


It was still a good book.


But. Nothing where the first one was in my appreciation.