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DNF at 20%: Unfortunately much less appealing than the first installment.

Athena's Ordeal - Sue London

Sabre is not a good regency heroine, if you like your romance with a bit of realism.


Sorry, but wandering around unaccompanied in an unmarried gentleman's house in a revealing red gown (in the morning!) and speaking to an unknown gentleman without introduction is not at all de rigeur. That he thought her not a lady was pretty understandable.


And then she insists on a duel to recover her honor. Also not done in regency England. This alone would have been enough to ruin her eternally in society. Going to the duel in men's clothing, just icing on the cake.


What I didn't understand at least: How she came from hating to loving (or let's say lusting after) the duke just in the course of the duel. It looks as if his prowress as a fencer won her over. How much more stupid can you be.


It looks to be one of those regency romances. Where totally impossible things happen and were the heroine is supposed to be "different" and "dashing". I find her unbearably stupid.

And I sympathize a lot with the duke who is quite baffled when she enters his room and jumps into his bed. No unmarried young lady would do that. Sabre is supposed to be a Viscount's daughter. All of her actions so far scream for total ruin. 


Not sure if I will give the third one a chance.