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DNF at 20%...

The Mating  - Nicky Charles


So this is one of those werewolf books. Mixed with a bad regency-revival-romance. 


The cliched ones. With the mating. The alpha Alpha. The jealous she-wolf in the pack who wanted the attractive Alpha to herself. Enter the maiden who has an orgasm when he takes her virginity (yes, sure...) and no personality to speak of.


The unoriginal plot about the packs and their territory and the two candidates for evil enemy are firmly in place, to prevent anyone from dying from the suspense...


And you'll be relieved to know, that the Alpha has male nipples. Yes, I was really glad to hear that one. Wouldn't have done to have an Alpha with female ones...that is really a relief because his lines are beyond cheesy.


A few quotes to show I am not lying:

"You're a lovely female, Elise, with soft skin and intriguing curves that call out for me to touch them."  

"You're a little minx, Elise. Do you know what it does to me, when you touch me like that? (...) It drives me wild. It makes me want to bury myself deep inside you."


So the less said about the writing, the better...


(All telling, nothing really shown. A few very unnecessary time jumps, e.g. beginning of the chapter Elise is in a certain situation, the  next paragraph tells what happened in the last two hours - why, oh why?)


On another note: It has an average rating of 4.06 at GR - WTF???