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I'd do nothing but reading if I could (ok, maybe eat some great food, buy some fancy shoes between two books...oh, and spend some quality time with the gorgeous guy I married while I am on reading-break anyway...)

Inconsistencies galore. Combined with plot holes. And mediocre writing.

Cold Iron - D.L. McDermott

DNF at 60%.


Just a few points: 


If fae can't stand being close to iron, and the iron in the church gates in the museum is enough to sting Conn, how is he able to get into a car? Which is made of steel. Which is basically iron.


Why does Conn leave Beth alone in the museum with the sword (that holds the potential to free the nasty fae and thus destroy the world and human society)? He could have stayed hidden in his glamor on the other side of the iron gate and wait for an opportunity to get it back. He decided to roam around instead. 


Why does Miach leave the two women with the guys if he knows that his son is a traitor?


(And then there was the bad decision making - thrown in with the plot holes.)


Beth is basically TSTL, she ignores her instincts, changes her opinion by the minute and is totally naive in believing that she can salvage her career by proving her ex-husband's theft. But she was in possession of the stolen goods - why would anybody believe her, that it was not her who stole the stuff??? She decides that cleaning her name is more important than making sure the world is safe from the dangerous and lethal fae court. Self-centered much?


Nothing makes any sense.


Conn is a hunky fae, who changes from "I can rape you with a thought because I am a cruel, but beautiful fae. Oh, and I am cold and don't have feelings" to an infatuated Teddybear within a few pages. No explanation, but Beth being "special". Right. Especially stupid. But what can you do when insta-love has you in its ugly claws...


But Conn has nipple piercings, and did I mention that he is totally hot? Besides the totally wimpy metamorphosis into a sappy puppy. And his favourite compliment towards Beth? That she has "cow-eyes" - who could resist this kind of charm?