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The trend continues...

The Force of Wind  - Elizabeth   Hunter

Incompetence. Inconsequence. 


And forays into sappy-land.


I am still invested, and I like the writing. But this has even less of banter, fun and believable characters.


I also think that the big mystery is not such a great tool here to drive the story.


Just an example: I guess, that B's Dad had to be sacrified/killed off for the drama. But why, oh why did they (the big bad-ass vampire assassin-group) send only a few vampires to the monastry where a lot of valuable people were killed? The strongest immortals stay at home while a bunch of 5 goes to battle 50. Very clever decision.

Also very clever that they brought B. Who is a new born vampire and more of a hindrance. Which is why she basically gets her father killed. Totally stupid and unnecessary.