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Enjoyable and clean historical

Isabella  - Loretta Chase


With a nice and interesting heroine. The hero remained a bit stereotypical, but the story was sweet enough to carry him through.


What I liked most: There were no cheap shots - the way the blackmail plot was resolved was well done. I was afraid when this started to show on the horizon that the reader (me) would be treated to a lot of useless whining and crying while the solution is glaring into everybody's face.


I liked Isabella's mother the most - she was a very interesting character. 

There a little too many characters. It was confusing in the beginning as to who belonged into which family and how...


And the biggest No-No: Basil.

I guess he is the hero in one of the sequels and that is why everybody puts up with him. I didn't see much reason why everyone found excuses for him. 

He tried to force a young woman into marrying him so that he could use her fortune to pay his debts and then live of her money. This is so low, I don't know why anyone would want to have further contact with him. I may accept it from his doting aunt, but Isabella, his intended victim? And even worse, her uncle?

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