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Edgy Mary Sue finds happiness through mating with a werewolf.

In Too Deep - Brandy L. Rivers

This had a lot of cliches. And a form of insta-love, as the cool and independent Fallon falls pretty fast for the scrumptious werewolf Brody.

It is three days before they are officially mated, in love and moving in together. Marriage proposal to follow soon...


Brody is too good to be true and Fallon is so hot and cool and strong and sexy, that everyone wants her. And the guys who are mean to her? They are only mean to disguise how much they still want her. Because she is the best and the coolest. And has tattoos and a nipple ring, I mean, how cool can you be? She even won over Dacia, the jealous ex.


And her ex of two years who was a good friend before they hooked up? Is supposed to be a kinky pervert, because he likes bondage. And wants her to submit in the bedroom. Which is obviously a crime and something that can never happen.

Somehow her vanilla style in the bedroom clashes with her Harley, Piercing, Tattoos and hard drinks lifestyle. Then he somehow becomes super-evil, only wants her pain and tries to rape her repeatedly. No explanation for this, just "yeah, he is unhinged, was always this way" - how very observant of Fallon...


The side characters were widely uninteresting. And there were too many of them...probably because this is a part in a series.


The evil enemy is obviously very, very stupid. The whole plot to get the strongest Others to fight in his illegal fight ring is simply dumb. The costs and efforts to obtain Fallon and the other strong people are pretty high - and this whole obsession the big bad vampire has with her makes no sense whatsoever...except Fallon is a Mary Sue with emerald eyes...and everyone wants her...