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This book is too long. But that's the least of its problems.

Carnal Secrets  - Suzanne  Wright

Which means, it bored me to tears. And annoyed me. Made me angry, too.


I was looking forward to this one and now I am sooo glad that it was a freebie because it was kindle lendable.


It is this problem with stories that have been prepared to thoroughly in a series. All is set for Shaya and Nick in the first book. Now we all wait for the conclusion. 


And it drags. A lot. And keeps on dragging. Actually there is no suspense whatsoever, as the mating call is so strong that it was crystal clear from the beginning that the whole novel is simply a dance around the inevitable.


That's why I don't like books where the "mating" is the focal point of the "romance". Because it is no romance. If your mind/wolf/soul/whatever coerces you to mate with a certain person whether you like it or not, that has nothing to do with falling in love. Actually you better start liking that person, otherwise you're in for a world of hurt. So this whole story is pointless.


Nick gets a sob story that makes his stance on mating ok. (I had high hopes that he would bring some actual decision-making into the whole mating-stuff). His corny and so not sexy love/sex talk is enough to make me despise him forever.

Shaya is insecure but totally great. And Nick doesn't think that because she is his mate and he doesn't have a choice anyway because resisting the mating physically hurts...

An uninteresting crime/hate plot is in the background.


This book is too long. Way too long. The characters are annoying or boring. You have the stereotype jealous wannabe-girlfriend, the supportive BFF, the guy's sister who loves the mate because she is clearly the best thing since sliced bread and a few words from her mouth can heal traumata better than year-long therapy. And my most hated tool in this series: the ongoing "banter" between Taryn and Greta. It is not funny. It is aggravating. I skimmed it after the first two dialogues.


Oh, and by the way: Calling someone Nazi and then explaining the name with "because that's what he is" shows that there has been ZERO time wasted on research - google it, then you won't embarrass yourself like that again.