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Dumb and Dumber...a YA Urban Fantasy where you can see what incompetence can achieve...

Angelfire - Hanna Peach


I didn't like this one.


It was not awful, but it was not good either.

It played with the demon-angels-mortals triangle with - surprise, surprise! - the Angels not completely the good guys. As I read this twist on the well-used trope at least twice before, it lacks originality for me.


Israel and Alyx are very incompetent. And immature. Which would be ok if they weren't supposed to be a well-trained soldier (Alyx) and a street-smart fighter (Israel).


One example: Alyx who heals wounds and is basically immortal asks Israel to stay and wait while she follows a demon. He wants to protect her (because she is dainty and small and tiny - and you know girls need to be protected, even if they are immortal warriors and you are not). So now Alyx needs to rescue Israel, who gets caught by the demons, and gets injured in the way - not to speak of the failed mission. 


The writing is not all bad - but the characterization and the plot didn't do a thing for me.