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Space opera with interesting plot - no romance!

The Long Way Home - Sabrina Chase

I expected the usual. Space ships, sassy heroine, some fighting, some romance.


What I got was a solidly built story with some confusion in the beginning and with spies. An unusual heroine, as she is an abysmal fighter, not exactly pretty and obviously closer to forty than thirty.

No romance, as there is only two people who meet for a short time, feel a certain attraction, a certain inability to forget the other one. But no romance really.


The side characters were interesting enough - Alan nearly broke my heart.


And some more common stuff, like the big corporation that is corrupt. 


So I liked this.


On the downside: It didn't really have much energy. It felt long and I had difficulties in the beginning to get into the story. Not sure about the next installment. Have to think about it.