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Historical with insta-love and a quite wimpy alpha male

Heiress Without a Cause - Sara Ramsey

It was not bad.

The writing was ok, but the plot was a bit problematic for me.


Here some thoughts (SPOILER AHEAD!):


1. The whole acting part. The way the heroine was addicted to the adoration of the audience didn't make her more lovable to me. It made her sound vain.

And thus the question arises: If she is such a fantastic and fascinating actress, why didn't she play the part of the "interesting lady"? She loathes her fate as a wallflower. But is not able to act in any way to attract people. She is readily able to play the elegant and witty courtisan, but not able to pretend to be a witty and elegant young lady...aha.

2. The falling for her because of her great acting. WTF? That is probably the most stupid cause for insta-love I ever read. It made the hero seem quite the fool.

3. The big drama that was none. Also the conclusion with Caro, the evil Ex, was out of nowhere.

4. Her totally incomprehensible decline of his offer.

5. His falling in love with her - I don't see how and why. I just don't see it.

6. This whole scotland business. It made the hero seem stupid again. A place is a place. 

7. The abandonment of his siblings. Not a cool thing. Asswipe.


And on a side note: I won't read the other ones in this series, because I don't dig the whole premise of this. All girls are great artists and wallflowers. Aha. And the art is what makes them unique. Well, it doesn't make them interesting characters to read. 

It looks to me like a quick way for an author to demonstrate "here, see, interesting character, because ARTIST!" - doesn't work for me. Boring people are boring people, whether they write books or paint or whatever.