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The Marriage List (Signet Regency Romance) - Dorothy McFalls

I nealry finished this one. 

But somewhere along the way it became just too silly.


It is no real regency romance. At least it doesn't have the feel to it.

I would recommend to do some research before writing a novel set in a different time. Culture changes, you know.


And it might be a small detail, but irked me nonetheless: in Regency/Victorian/Bel epoque what ever times, it would have been considered highly improper for a gentleman to touch a young and unmarried lady's face in public. A time when you had to leave a door open and be in plain sight if you talked to a person of the other gender.

In this novel the hero constantly touches not only the heroine but also his supposed to be affianced.


The feel was more a contemporary. And not an especially good one.