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What a ride.

Just One Damned Thing After Another - Jodi Taylor

I very much liked this. 


It had a great heroine - she is strong, ambitious and smart, without being supergirl. She has self-doubts and some issues, but nothing debilitating. She was above all loyal. I really like that in a character (real or fictional :-))


And the hero - also a very nice pick. Strong, a bit silent, mysterious. A bit hesistant, but passionate nonetheless.


The secondary characters were another strengths of this work. They are interesting and individual - they helped drive the story and it is testamtent to how great they were written, that I never confused them with each other thoug there were MANY seconday characters.


It had a very fast-paced action part, that really kept me reading through it all, couldn't put the kindle down, before all was said and done.


Only minor irritation: The way Lucy (1st person POV) told the reader what catastrophe to expect next. I read those dire announcements and would expect the worst. This didn't work well for me, as I felt winded up for nothing most of the time.