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Lady Crackers????

Border Lord - Arnette Lamb

I wanted to like this. I really wanted to.


But it felt overly long and I was done with the story long before the author finally finished the HEA that was clear from the very beginning (to be fair: this is the norm with HR, but still...)


I didn't like the heroine, Miriam. I found her not half as clever as she found herself. It was also mostly telling, not showing. I didn't feel that she was clever and genius at all.


So what remained was her beauty and her sob story.


And Duncan, the Highland Zorro. Well. He had big manly man parts.

And a lot of emotional ups and downs.


So I will refrain from picking up another book by this author.


If you are wondering about the Title line: This idiom was used to describe said man parts. I found it utterly ridiculous. Not sure if that was intended.