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I'd do nothing but reading if I could (ok, maybe eat some great food, buy some fancy shoes between two books...oh, and spend some quality time with the gorgeous guy I married while I am on reading-break anyway...)

It was better than I expected.

Cross & Crown - Abigail Roux

I read this like a stand alone and tried to forget everything I ever knew about Nick and Kelly.

That kind of worked. Mostly. Well. Let's say it was an ok read.


Nick and Kelly are an established couple. They are so established that there is no suspense or even tension whatsoever. They love each other unconditionally, they are 100% happy, faithful and no room for any misunderstandings. Which is great for them, but also makes them the most boring couple in written fiction ever. If there would have been three book about their starting out before this one, it would have been ok, but with this being mostly a romance novel (the "crime" part was actually a bit ridiculous - following in the footsteps of the last one, which was god-awful), it wasn't the best onset.


I liked it still ok. It entertained me for some time. Maybe because I didn't have great expectations after the last debacle with Ty and Zane.


Nick was too good to be true, and Kelly was a bit pale. Why Julian Cross had to be in this one, I don't understand - his role was totally superfluous imho. I didn't like him much in his own book, so I wished he would be left out as cross-over material in the Sidewinder-books.


Unfortunately this will be my last try with those books - I am not interested in those pseudo-history-treausure-hunter plotlines and the romance part is done for me. Nick and Kelly don't make for an interesting couple and that's my biggest problem with their stories.


Considering that I loved the first few Ty & Zane books and a lot of Abigail Roux' other stories, it is a disappointing read, and I guess my rating reflects some nostalgia...