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Lackluster gay werewolf trope-fest

Wolf Bound - Theo Fenraven

Including Insta-love. At least there was no "mating" involved (thanks for small favors...).


I saw nothing, really nothing that was in any way special about this book. It started very similar as "Winter Wolf" - but it distinguished itself quite quickly from this one with being not very original or captivating.


I never got a good impression of the characters - all of whom were gay by the way, including best female friend, waiter in Romanian restaurant etc.


The attraction between the main characters was not based on anything deep. It happened all very fast. Jon's decision making skills were lacking, to say the least. His whole "I am going to be a writer, because it can't be so hard to write a book, I am an English teacher after all" really gave me the impression of arrogance and stupidity.

He was nosy and intrusive and his whole behaviour only got justified by his saving Harrison later on - kind of a "the end justifies the means" sort of story line. Didn't endear him to me. Harrison had potential, but unfortunately it remained unexplored.


The whole werewolf thing was lukewarm. There was a lot of potential - like Harrison's desparation, his life as a prisoner because of his condition, Jon's backstory of violence. But somehow it all got mashed and convoluted and left me cold and bored in the end.


I am quite disappointed as this came with high praise and an average rating of 4.24 at GR.