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What is this supposed to be? DNF at 50% -

Bad Influence - K.A. Mitchell

While I was still waiting for anything romance-like to pop up.

There is no tension, no romance, no real main characters.


I am not sure what this is supposed to be? A sob-fest for the HIV-positive ex-teenage-runaway/ex-hustler/ex-pornstar who still has a crush on the asshole who dumped him when things got tight, because he has long hair and a fuzzy beard like Jesus?


There is nothing even remotely sexy about this "couple". So I am kind of grateful that there has been no sex so far - only some reminiscenes...


It also came across like a folio for parading all the guys from her other books around.

But being seen through Silver's rather critical eyes, they were a more or less unappetizing bunch.