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I'd do nothing but reading if I could (ok, maybe eat some great food, buy some fancy shoes between two books...oh, and spend some quality time with the gorgeous guy I married while I am on reading-break anyway...)

Re-read of "Conduct Unbecoming" did nothing good for my enjoyment of this.

General Misconduct - L.A. Witt

Because all the parts that are not concerning the love story this is a carbon copy of the first part.

The same sights, the same activities, the same food, the same restaurants, snorkeling, sex on the beach, hiking, castles etc.


I really got after the firsts part that the author knows a lot about Okiniawa. Now I have the impression, that she didn't know enough to fill two books.


Even the comments of characters are more or less identical (how Americans don't go out of their bases, how Okinawa is the size of a potato chip crumb etc etc.). Even the plot twist after two thirds is the same

(breaking up and then finding out that the luuuuv is too strong and therefore crawling back).

(show spoiler)


But my biggest problem: The rest of the book was not good. Simply not good. We have two very young guys who instantly fall for each other, because they are both gorgeous, gay and horny.


The most unoriginal and boring "love" story unfolds, where the Dad of guy 1 forbids guy 2 to tab that. Unfortunately Dad is guy 2's  bosses bosses boss. And so guy 1 (who is non-descript except for his virginity - a big pet peeve of mine...) and guy 2 date secretely.


Because guy 2 really isn't so invested in his career - why not risk everything for a guy you saw twice and is really really hot??? Right...insert plot twist and teenage angst.


The writing is sometimes strangely clumsy - e.g. I think guy 2's awkward and painful first time anal sex gets mentioned like 5 times. And the sappy sappy ending was just aweful.


So this was nearly a DNF for me, because I was so not interested to learn how this plays out. I was not invested in the main characters, they were simply to non-descript. I ambled through with some skimming. I am officially disappointed.