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Too much Alpha asshole to enjoy fully.

Sweet Addiction - Jessica  Daniels, J.  Daniels

This had a lot of potential.

I even like the cussing and usage of adult language, ahem.

The heroine was likable, the secondary characters funny and interesting - I especially loved Joey. The relationship development felt more or less natural. The sex was mostly hot and well written (if a bit too frequent, I started skimming at one point).


The not so great stuff about this book:

the Hero. The über-Alpha-Macho-guy. Who wouldn't allow his girl to be massaged by a professional massage therapist who is male. Who destroys a mini-dress because it is too revealing. Who beats up people to prove he cares. 

You get the picture.



An important lesson: Just because a guy is beautiful and attractive and rich he should still not be allowed to behave like that. Ladies, have some self-esteem. 


Unfortunately our heroine found all this not only acceptable, but "panty-melting". And she starts wearing dresses to please him - if that was only a fashion statement or a sexy statement like "better access" or something, that would have been fine, but she notices that he treats her differently when she wears dresses, more "tenderly" - I am at a total loss here. And don't even get me started on the jealousy-issue (she wouldn't allow him to have a massage done by a female massage therapist either). I don't find jealousy especially romantic - I find it more a sign of insecurity and also a sign for trust-issues.


I found him nearly unbearable as romance interest. He was an A-grade Asshole.

And some stuff was involuntarily strange, like the heroine asking what his super-duper car has cost. Like wow, that is making him soooo cool, that he drives a car that costs 90k.


So, this was unfortunately a mix of good and entertaining read with "totally lost me on the male lead".