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It was free. That was the good part.

There's Only Been You - Donna Marie Rogers

I don't like virgins in contemporary novels.

And I do not like women who don't sleep with anyone for eight years.


I do not like romance novels where the most interesting part (getting to know each other, the interaction with each other that leads to feelings and the falling in love part) is done either already in the past (like here) or it is instaneously.


If you do not mind the above, this might be a nice book for you.


I also didn't like the kid in this book. I didn't like the interaction, the "oh you left me eight years ago, but I still want you" and above else the "I have to hate you because you left me pregnant" when the guy didn't know that she was pregnant.


The heroine was simply not to my taste and the high-school sweethearts theme didn't move me one bit.


The only nice part was the interaction between the siblings, though even that was OTT.