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A little more of Charlie & Travis.

Red Dirt Heart 2 (Red Dirt #2) - N.R. Walker

With a more or less ridiculous drama imho.


Maybe it was a mistake to read them both in a row. With some distance I would have been happy to meet those two boys again.


So I was not too wooed by the plot here (or the lack thereof).


It was a solid novel, but it lacked a bit. I didn't really feel the conflict here and the constructed drama was ridiculous imho.

I didn't really see why Travis would

nearly leave Charlie for being taciturn and grumpy - because this is the guy he fell in love with - a grumpy, tough guy with some issues, not the most romantic or eloquent guy on the planet.

(show spoiler)


The other issue -

visa, meaning lack of - didn't really contain enough problematic potential for me. Worst case scenario: Travis would have to go home for a few weeks and apply for a new visa.

(show spoiler)

Sorry, but that's hardly life-threating. And surely no need for this OTT panic and dramatics.