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DNF at 10% and I'll show you why:

Maid for Love - Marie Force

"On the way upstairs, it occured to him that she might be a vegetarian like Roseanne. Mac sighed. He was so tired of difficult, hard-to-please women."


This, ladies, is so bad, I needn't add anything, it speaks for itself. But I will, because I am mad: What kind of asshole muses about women like this?

How dare the girl refuse to eat what he brings to her? How dare a women be "difficult"! How dare she not be grateful for whatever he does and even if it is bringing her food that she doesn't want!!!


I will even spell it out in big letters: THE HERO IS A DOUCHE-BAG.


I don't want to hear the heroine's sob story.

Again the silly title didn't really reflect the overly angsty content.


So there is nothing left to make me read on.


PS: I am no punctuation-wizard as English is not my native language, but I think the one in the citation might be incorrect...