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Solid UF with male lead. (Is it UF then?)

Sandman Slim - Richard Kadrey

So this was a good read.

It had some lenghty parts, that I didn't enjoy too much, but I never had to really start skimming, so all good.


The first 2/3rds were really good, it had a nice dark world-building and a pretty fresh feel.


Then it went a bit downhill for me. It suddenly was not all that hard to solve the big mystery, kill the villain and so on.


I also didn't love the whole

Nephilim story line - this always reminds me of that stupid movie with that guy who played a vampire in vampire diaries...not exactly new and fresh. 

(show spoiler)


So I am not sure if I will check out the rest of the series, though this was a good read.


And beware - there is no romance/tension/hotness in this book.