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Very clever and emotional crime story with Hercule Poirot.

Peril at End House - Agatha Christie

M. Poirot is on vacation with his friend, Mr Hastings.


On the terrace of their noble hotel they encounter the charming young Miss Buckley. Miss Buckley has been the victim of some unfortunate "accients" and lives in a old mansion with some creepy and mysterious servants, some suspicious tenants and has a group of friends in the vicinity for a visit.


The onset is different here as there has been no successful crime yet, when M. Poirot enters the situation. This gives the story a unique twist: Hercule Poirot can be a saviour, a protector, not only a prosecutor after the fact.


I won't tell too much about how the story unfolds, but this was simply brilliant. As always, all the facts for the solution were there. But, just like the unfortunate Mr Hastings, I was not clever enough to come to the right conclusions and was very surprised in the end.


A fantastic read for everyone who loves crimestories.