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DNF after 10%

The Iron Sword (The Fae War Chronicles) - Jocelyn Fox

This was a freebie and I downloaded it to try it out like a sample.


And I didn't like it. I thought at first that the unique setting with the heroine not being the "speshul" one, but her best friend would be refreshing and new.

Actually it was annoying. The heroine came across as a needy tag-on. Her BFF came across as strange and cold. Her family as creepy.


And our heroine has no problems to believe in fairies. She just accepts this because BFF. Really? If my sister, my husband, my best friend, my mother or ANYBODY ELSE came to me telling me that there are fairies and they have been summoned by the dark queen of the Unseelie court, I would have MAJOR problems to believe that. Not so our heroine.


I found the writing disjointed and confusing and the setting didn't work for me, so I will stop reading.


I am sure that for other reader's this works, and it's very possible that the novel and the series improve a lot.


I am just not into it enough to go on reading.