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You had me at "immortal Viking"...

First to Burn - Anna Richland

I have a weakness for Vikings, hunky blond guys, the whole works.


Nonetheless I was sceptical that a contemporary military romance with an immortal viking would work. It sounded kind of like a joke.


It wasn't.


It was a very well written romance, which didn't pull its punches. Meaning: life is throwing stuff at those two people (the immortal Viking and the lady doctor) without any miraculous solutions for the HEA.


I liked that a lot.


I loved Wulf. He was yummy and vulnerable and mysterious and great. Dr. Chiesa I couldn't really understand. She was a little too constructed.

I didn't dig the whole "I didn't need my step-daddy's dirty mob money for going to Princeton" - obviously she loves her family, has no real problem with said step-daddy being in the drug-selling, people killing business, so why not taking a bit of their money for her education? I didn't get exactly why this one thing would be morally wrong while the rest was ok - I would have preferred a different setting here as this didn't fit and was totally unnecessary. 

(show spoiler)


The atmosphere, the setting in Afghanistan and also the side characters were well done. 


I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series.