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Well well well.

Murder of Crows - Anne Bishop

It wasn't bad.


It had its moments.


It kept me reading.




There were many inconsistencies, e.g. why wait so long to free the other prophets? Why is Meg so special? If the cassandrae are all "sweet meat" and special, why the hell is it ok to keep the rest of the girls in the facilities where they are kept, abused and raped?

The others normally don't care about what humans think, feel or need. So why did they wait to free the other girls???


And I really do not understand why the Others call the humans "monkeys" - it doesn't make any sense, as calling someone "human" is an insult in their world anyway. And monkeys are just another class of mammals.


I am not sure I will read the next one - if so, I will definitely wait for a price drop. I won't pay 15 $ for an ebook. At least not this one.