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"Killing to live would be no problem at all."

William: A Sequel to Merrick - Claire Cray



And with this I am out of here.

DNF at 52%.


Until now it has been boring. Simply boring. Nothing happens really. William whines and longs for Merrick. Merrick is away most of the time. William hangs around. Theo has a short scene. William whines. William longs for Merrick. Merrick comes finally back.


And then William Lacy becomes a vampire and decides that it is totally ok to kill human beings for food. Every day of this future life. To make it a little more morally ok: they were thieves. Because you know, if someone is a criminal (or you think someone is a criminal, it is totally ok to be judge, jury and executioner while sucking all his blood out for your sustenance.


This trope in vampire books really annoys me. It absolutely annoys me.


And I only forgive it for a brilliant story.


As mentioned I found this novel unbearably boring until this point anyway.


So I decided to cut my losses.