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Nope. Sounded like a good PWP. Was boring and annoying.

Claimed - Evangeline Anderson

After having seen some reviews with some rather unfortunate things being said about the heroine I started with low expectations.

Because she sounded awful.

And guess what.

She was even worse.


Still, this could have been a fair read.


If for example the hero wouldn't have been a card-board cliche-ridden TGTBT alpha guy who adored the ground the insipid, stubborn, silly and boring heroine walked upon.

If he had anything resembling a character. If he didn't live to serve the stupid b*tch, who did NOTHING WHATSOEVER to deserve it.

So the "mating" thingy happens, no one has a choice, a lot of "I cannot give up my brilliant life on earth, even if those Alien warriors are the only thing standing between humanity and extinction by another militant Alien race". 


The whole concept of a far more progressive Alien race whose main trade is in genetics could have been interesting. If not for the humongous plot hole:

Genetic traders who can't reproduce females of their own race? Really?

So that they are so desperate for some womenfolks that they introduce the females of other races into their own, alter them via mysterious olfactory stuff and puff - happy ending.


And on another side note: A society with highly predatory males with an extremely high sex drive it is VERY VERY improbable that the female gender would be revered and protected instead of raped and abused. 

Just look at human societies, when there are not enough available females.


I expected it to be a lot about sex. And it was. But it was really really boring sex.


Maybe because Mr. Super Hung Alpha Knot Guy was basically pussy whipped and after a few scenes between him and his "Bride" you only wanted to club him over the head to get him to chase another girl.


The best thing to say about it: It was cheap.