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Unfortunate mix.

On the Auction Block (Slave of the Aristocracy Book 1) - Ashley Zacharias

This would have been great as a PWP. With the W standing for "with".


It had a lot of dub con/non con, bdsm, slavery and humiliation stuff. Not exactly my cup of tea.

But it was mostly well done (if you take it as a fantasy) and the writing was better than with most of those books.


What I didn't like and didn't understand was the mix of a novel plot into this sex fantasy.


It was confusing. Sometimes it read like a strange and not really well thought out SciFi novel with an alternative society. And then it was just about doing the dirty.


The writing was really not bad, but the characters were basically not there.


So, not a good mix for me.


Maybe I'd think differently if the kink was closer to my own :-)